Medical Assisting Review Course Description

6 weeks/36 hours

This review course is offered in the evenings for a 6 week, 36 hour period of time.  The course involves review for the certification test through the AAMA or the NCCT.  These certifications are industry recognized by most all employers.  In many cases, certification is necessary for employment.  The review course includes a review of anatomy, medical terminology, psychology, ethics, and pharmacology, as well as clinical and administrative duties of the medical assistant.

    Course Subject Descriptions Are As Follows:

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Medical Assisting Review Course

6 weeks/36 hours

The course listed above is offered as continuing education/professional development courses only.  Students completing this course will not receive any credit which can be used toward other certificate or degree programs offered by MTI.  This course, while it may be a dissected piece of the curriculum, are not reviewed by the ACCSC as the full courses are.  This course is not within the scope of the ACCSC accreditation.   


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